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Interacting in Photorealistic Augmented Reality (IPAR)

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Partner: Prof.Dr. Raimund Dachselt, TU Dresden


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 Interactive Near-field Illumination for Photorealistic Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
Kai Rohmer, Wolfgang Büschel, Raimund Dachselt and Thorsten Grosch
IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2014)
Best Full Paper Award

Tiled Frustum Culling for Differential Rendering on Mobile Devices
Kai Rohmer and Thorsten Grosch
Conditionally accepted at IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2015)


Interactive Out-of-Core Global Illumination

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Nowadays, global illumination simulations are possible with a high quality. Often, for large production scenes the available memory, especially on GPU, is not sufficient. Furthermore, large scenes are often illuminated with a single light bounce only due to time restrictions.

GPUs are highly parallel devices and well-suited for rendering approaches. Hence, there is a need for global illumination algorithms on GPU which can handle out-of-core scene sizes. This is difficult due to the global influence of light into the visible range. It is not possible to load only the visible part to get correct results. Additionally, the algorithms require a ray cast operation which badly scales on the GPU. Nowadays, the GPU ray-tracer just reached the performance of their CPU opponents, despite the theoretical higher power.

We are interested in a physically correct (unbiased) solution as well as the option to smoothly introduce a bias to get a high performance gain. We target an interactive GPU-based solution for static scenes.


 Distributed Out-of-Core Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping
Tobias Günther and Thorsten Grosch
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 33, Issue 6, September 2014

 Illumination-driven Mesh Reduction for Accelerating Light Transport Simulations [ Video]
Andreas Reich, Tobias Günther and Thorsten Grosch
Conditionally accepted at Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR 2015)



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